Captive Thoughts

September 13, 2015

Humans are constantly thinking, feeling, and observing.

Our hearts and our minds are racing at high speeds trying to make sense of this world. This new video series helps us understand all of these emotions in light of the gospel.

  • Captive Thoughts Captive Thoughts
    Our “Captive Thoughts” video series is designed to capture and frame everyday thoughts in the full light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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  • Captive Thoughts: Conflict Captive Thoughts: Conflict
    It’s impossible to avoid conflict. But as Christians, conflict can be an opportunity to stand in awe of the cross. Watch the 2-minute video.
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  • Captive Thoughts: Taste Captive Thoughts: Taste
    We all love food. It comes in all sorts, types, flavors and textures. But how can our love affair with food help us understand God’s goodness? This short video helps us understand.
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  • Captive Thoughts: Insecurity Captive Thoughts: Insecurity
    We can crush ourselves by cherishing our own opinion and the opinion of others as ultimate. But what does our insecurity say about our lives before God?
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  • Captive Thoughts: Intimacy Captive Thoughts: Intimacy
    The desire for intimacy can consume us, drive us, and motivate us. This is a good thing. But it is also a thing which will one day be surpassed by an even greater sort of relationship. This short video helps us understand.
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