What is Membership?

Covenant Membership is an essential component of who we are at Sovereign Hope Church.

Membership is the local church's best means to identify those who are saved and support them in the living out of their salvation. Membership is a two way commitment from both the elders to the congregation, and the congregations to the elders. Together with our covenant membership, Sovereign Hope operates as an elder-led, congregationally-affirmed church.

Membership at a Glance

What is it? Membership is a joint commitment from an individual to the church and the church to the individual.

The individual says that they will participate in the life and doctrine of the the church, serving it with his/her own gifts, and the church says that it will promise to aid, support, train, equip and hold the individual to the truth of the gospel and the care of Jesus. Membership fulfills the Bible's teaching that believers be "added" to a local church (Acts 2:41).

How to Become a Member

What do I need to do to become a member?

First, you must be saved! Church membership isn't for people who want to identify with a social club or cause. It is for people who identify with the completed work of Christ on the cross. Everything else we do in the membership process is designed to support and identify the hope of this confession (Hebrews 10:23). Our process includes two components under this. Below you see a button which says, "View the Membership Packet." This packet outlines the core beliefs, direction and values of Sovereign Hope Church, and describes the process to become a member in greater detail.

At the end of this document is a form you (and your spouse if applying together) can sign which indicates an understanding and affirmation of our church's statement of faith and core values. Next, is to set up an interview with an elder. Far from being a doctrinal exam, this interview allows our elders to get to know you and provides you an opportunity to share your testimony, and ask questions about membership and the church. Once you have completed the membership packet and the interview, an elder will present you at the next congregational meeting for full congregational approval!

View the Membership Packet

What We Believe

Our biblical convictions shape our response to the gospel and our direction as a church.

You can read more about our faith and doctrine by clicking the link below.

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Core Values Sermon Series

While not required for membership this Core Value Series is recommended materials for anyone pursuing or considering membership.

In this series we outline in greater depth the truths and values we hold to be treasured and transformative here at Sovereign Hope.

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