Jonny Kiedrowski

Jonny Kiedrowski

Jonny Kiedrowski joined the staff of Sovereign Hope Church in the fall of 2014. He and his wife Jessica moved to Montana after serving in full-time ministry in New York City for seven years. Jonny oversees the worship ministry at Sovereign Hope Church and he writes songs for Sovereign Hope Music. He is passionate about using music to help our church know and respond to what God has done in the gospel of Jesus. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied music production before graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Worship and Music Ministry. Jonny and his wife Jessica were married in 2007 and have two sons, Jackson (2009) and Ezra (2017), and a daughter, Averie (2013).

Christ Has Come

December 21, 2016

Take a look behind the scenes of Sovereign Hope Music’s newest release: Christ has Come

Here is an inside look into one of Sovereign Hope Worships new tracks “Treasure.”

Believe He Lives

March 30, 2016

“Believe He Lives” summarizes not only the thrust of our Easter album, but the thrust of the whole gospel. Jonny Kiedrowksi helps us understand the last song.

Here is an inside look at the title track of the “Mercy’s Throne” Album. Jonny Kiedrowksi helps us understand not only the scope of the song, but the whole project.

“Let this Cup Pass” is a unique song on the “Mercy’s Throne” Album, and Jonny Kiedrowski unpacks its distinctiveness in his newest post.

At the heart of the Bible is a driving story of redemption, that’s what the song “A Greater Plan” is all about.

Jonny Kiedrowski will be putting out blog posts highlighting the theology of the songs from “Mercy’s Throne.” Up first: Jesus Save Us.

The Sound of Church

February 10, 2016

All Christian churches sing. But for what reason? What does it accomplish? What should shape its sound? Jonny Kiedrowski shares some foundational thoughts on corporate worship.

At Sovereign Hope we always try to sing songs with deep meaning. Jonny Kiedrowski breaks down the historical and the theological meaning behind the song, “My One Comfort.”

Good worship songs are not just to be sung blindly and forgotten. They should draw us to think deeply on the lyrics, the scripture behind it and its interaction with the gospel. Here is a look inside “He Who Is Mighty.”

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