As I sit here writing this blog my mind is thinking about 15 different things going on in my life. Life is busy. I see GCF upcoming events, lessons that need to be prepared, people that I want to meet with, practices to be at, and food to eat. All of these are good things but sometimes they can put me in state of craziness. Sometimes I need to just take a minute, pause, and remind myself why I am really doing all of this. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says that if I am a Christian, I am doing all of this for the glory of God! That should always be my first motivation. Reminding myself of this will help keep my priorities of first importance.

Even though life is busy and things seem crazy, my priorities have to be in the right place. I don’t want to go about my day spending time on things that are not a priority. Matt Perman wrote in his book titled What’s Best Next, Know what’s most important right where you are and focus on that.” What is most important in my life should always be to bring glory to God in all that I do. I know life gets busy for everyone and it seems hard to do this at times. Think about it, everyone has those times in life that seem so busy they just can’t get a break. There is that one project you have to get finished at work but you know it is going to take away from time with the family. It can be easy to fall into busyness and say “I can’t do that because I am so busy with this other stuff.” When you really stop and think about all the busy stuff going on in your life, is it always the best use of your time? Will you look back and say “that was more important or more glorifying to God?” We can so easily become busy with things that don’t matter in this life, or the next.

In a meeting with a student recently, we got to talking about the pace of life and how that affects us spiritually. Not all of the things going on in my life are a bad use of time, it is just time being spent in a lot of different areas. In this conversation we talked about how to glorify God even in the busy. This is something I know I have to work at because I don’t do it well.

I see all the work going on around me and think that I have done a pretty good job by doing all of those things. We both realized that this mindset takes us away from rejoicing in Christ and glorifying him in all we do. Instead we want to focus on remembering that as life gets busy we don’t want to fall into a state of being satisfied or thinking we have done enough. We want to continually desire to rejoice in Christ and do all to his glory!

What I think about when I get busy is myself. That is my natural sin nature. But I pray God continually changes my heart to think more about the glory of God, becoming more and more amazed by the Gospel! This is how God calls us to live in the good times and busy times. Good or bad, easy or busy, all should be viewed with the same mindset of “how can I glorify God in what I do today, this week or this year?” It just might be in the busy times that we pause and focus on why is it we do all we do.

I know for myself I am in need of this reminder because I can get caught up in the busy seasons of life. I can see the busyness of others around me and think how can I help them if I am in the same boat. But what I am grateful for is that even in the busy seasons I can find peace and rest in God. I can glorify God when times get stressful and busy. I want to remind myself and others of that honest fact! Our lives will be filled with tasks to accomplish and people to meet with, so take the time to set your priorities in the right place and bring God glory in all of it.

Jordan Hines

Jordan Hines was an intern of Grizzly Christian Fellowship in 2015/2016. He is a graduate of the University of Montana and a former offensive linemen for the Grizzlies. Jordan and Kaylee were married in 2017.