For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Romans 1:19

God incessantly and persistently reveals himself. As Psalm 19:2 tells us, God's creation pours forth this knowledge "day to day" and "night to night." God continually leaks out this evidence. We hear of archaeological digs revealing proof of King David's reign, fresh Hubble telescope discoveries of the universe, and newly invented microscopes that further reveal the complex intricacies of creation. Long before you, me, or a scientist was born God decided to go big (Psalm 19:1) in showing himself to everyone. Ever since Genesis 1:7-10 God has been leaking out evidence of himself. But have we seen physical evidence rightly and handled it the same way Scripture does?

Evidence Should Not Be Worshipped

A clip of a sermon by Louie Giglio has become quite popular on YouTube; maybe you're one of the more than 600,000 people who viewed it. Pastor Louie uses a little known protein molecule called laminin as evidence to make a point about God. He weaves the story of a random meeting with a molecular biologist into his sermon and then unpacks their conversation. He goes on to explain the importance of laminin as it relates to our bodies and how it binds us together. The clip's crescendo is when Louie reveals what laminin looks like. You can distinctly hear the oohs, aahs, and then applause coming from the audience when he shows the scientific model having the shape of a cross. Does laminin always appear upright or what happens if it falls over? Is it still a cross?

Evidence is Good But it Can't Tell Us What To Do

I have not viewed the sermon in its entirety and don't doubt for a second Louie's preaching or his intention to reach people with Jesus. I want us to think about what produced awe in the audience. Because I don't think I have ever heard people ooh and aah when a Bible passage is read. And whereas creation reveals that there is a God, the Bible tells us what he is like. It is the clearest, strongest, and most powerful revelation of God. If all we had to go by was creation, we would have no idea that God overflows with grace, mercy, and steadfast love. We wouldn't know how to please him, and we couldn't learn from his wisdom. In fact, we wouldn't know Jesus, or what he has accomplished for us. All we would know is that there must be some type of powerful God somewhere. The way that God has most clearly made himself known to us is through his word. The fact that God has spoken to us should fill us with more wonder than any bit of evidence from his handiwork.

Let me give you an example: James 4:1-3 describes why conflicts are present in human relationships. It explains us very accurately and strips us of our usual justifications. It powerfully exposes us and convicts us. Its insight and clarity are so profound that they could only come from our Creator. In it we find more wisdom and guidance and spiritual surgery than laminin will ever give. The Bible that you hold in your hands is the most beneficial and awe-inspiring evidence in all of creation.

Creation Is Not The Holy Grail of Evidence

There are going to be additional scientific discoveries and more medical intricacies like laminin uncovered. Man's ability to peer into the galaxies is going to increase and add to the evidence we already have. We are going to continue to unearth ancient civilizations and fossil records. In fact, you can count on an endless parade of evidence that will continually validate God's existence and the Bible. It will be endless because the Bible says so (Psalm 19:2-5). The point I'm attempting to make is not to be critical or neglect the wonder-inducing effect of creation. What I want us to see is that our wonder in what God tells us in the Bible should be even greater.

We don't need additional evidence but God chooses to release more. Yet the evidence of creation is not enough by itself. The Bible says although everyone  knows God through creation, that knowledge does not save us but only makes us without excuse (Romans 1:20-21). Does creation point to God? Yes, but even with that evidence "they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and served the creature rather than the Creator." The good news is that God uses his word to powerfully save us from this trajectory.

KJ Keogh

KJ joined the pastoral staff of Sovereign Hope in 2007. He is currently pursuing his certification in Biblical Counseling through ACBC. KJ has a passion for helping men and women sort their life through a clear understanding of their salvation. KJ and his wife Missy were married in 1986, and they have two daughters and five grandchildren.