Grizzly Christian Fellowship has been working with 14 interns this summer. One of their assignments was to outline the gospel using nothing but scripture, and then to provide an account of the gospel using their own words. We want to share with you some of the responses given by our interns who are seeking Christ's glory at the University of Montana.

The gospel is Jesus living a perfect life, dying on a cross for sin, and his bodily resurrection The main essential thing is Jesus. It's not about me, it's not about me being a good person or my works but all about Jesus and what he has done. Jesus did what he did for me, an unworthy sinner, so that I can have life. The gospel is what Jesus did to save me a wretched sinner from what I completely deserved. God is great in this; that he laid down the life of his perfect son so that I could be saved. The gospel is grace that God laid down on us that we didn't deserve and more importantly couldn't earn. God did it because he loves us. We have been justified by Christ's blood as a propitiation for my sins. Christ did that for me, he took the wrath God should put on me, and took it on his shoulders on that cross. We are sinners in need of a great savior and Jesus is that. We were chosen by God to live life for his glory and that's what we have the opportunity for in the gospel. The main thing is Jesus. Without a perfect savior who loves us and took our punishment there would not be a gospel.