Devan Leder


Devan began attending Sovereign Hope in 2007 and was saved shortly afterward. He married Katie at the end of that same year. Devan and Katie moved to Bozeman in 2010, but returned to Missoula in 2013 to be part of Sovereign Hope Church again. They have three sons, Jude (2008), Piper (2010) and Titus (2016). Devan and Katie have been licensed foster parents since 2012 and hope to finalize the adoption of Titus by fall of 2017. Devan is an expert in residential energy efficiency and HVAC system design. He works as a consultant for a local plumbing and heating company.

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Devan's Story of Grace

“That's really what I was seeking all along: the joy of knowing God.”

-Devan Leder, June 2010

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