Stephen Kasun

Stephen Kasun

Stephen Kasun interned at Sovereign Hope and Grizzly Christian Fellowship in 2016 and came on staff in the summer of 2017. He serves primarily with GCF, but also serves the church in a variety of ways. He is working on finishing his undergraduate finance degree and plans to pursue a graduate seminary degree when he is finished. Stephen loves the way that Jesus and the gospel change the everyday life of the Christian, and is seeking certification and training in Biblical Counseling in order to give that passion away. Stephen married his high school sweetheart, Jessalynn, in 2010.

The Greatest Context

October 2, 2017

“Judge not…” we know the verse, but Stephen Kasun helps us understand the deeper gospel themes behind this often neglected verse.

The Power to Live

June 14, 2017

Can the idea of God’s love make us lazy? Stephen Kasun helps us see the power of God’s love as a catalyst for new life in this post.

We are called to share the gospel, but we are also called to share the gospel with real people. Stephen Kasun helps us understand the importance of relationships in the context of evangelism.

The Hard Truths

January 25, 2017

What if I don’t like what this verse says about me? Stephen Kasun helps frame our conflicts with an understanding of scripture.

Who Are You?

October 12, 2016

If the way you identify as a “college student” says something, Stephen Kasun says the way you identify as a Christian should say more. 

All Things New

June 22, 2016

We all love something new. Stephen Kasun helps us understand why our hearts are hardwired for something fresh as he ties our longing to gospel transformation

Sin wages war on our souls from within our own hearts, and from outside in the natural world. Stephen Kasun helps us find hope for our two front war in his newest post.

You Are What You Eat

January 20, 2016

So often what becomes normal for culture becomes normal for the Christian. In this post, Stephen Kasun helps us diagnose the substance of our diets and corrects it with the importance of the gospel.

Community is something we all do. But as Christians we should view it in right relationship to the substance of our community. Stephen Kasun helps us understand the rite and role of community in the church. 

Immortal Hope

July 1, 2015

The world has a lot of needs, but how can we treat both the seen and unseen needs as distinctly Christian? Stephen Kasun helps us understand the ultimate hope for social justice in a broken world.

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