Jesse Kemp

Jesse Kemp

Jesse Kemp is a former member of Sovereign Hope Church who is now a teacher of English and Bible at Heritage Christian School in Bozeman, Montana, and a student at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Jesse and his wife Megan have a son named Kellan plus one more on the way.

Hollow Indignation

December 5, 2017

Social Media is angry. Politicians and pundits are angry. Christians are angry. So what does God say about our anger, and how can we keep from being hollow in it?

As Unto the Lord

March 9, 2017

Things became tricky when I thought about serving the Lord in work outside of the church. How do we minister there? Can we?” Read the helpful new post from Jesse Kemp.

Genocide and the Gospel

December 7, 2016

Old Testament passages may make us squeamish, but Jesse Kemp helps us see the grace of the gospel in them.

Through the Strife

August 3, 2016

In the face of our current political situation, racial tension, and global atmosphere, what does it mean for Christians to be optimistic and yet realistic? Jesse Kemp helps us find consistency in his newest post

A Call to Trust

May 25, 2016

Sometimes our diagnosis of the problem can be good, but the solution to the disease less so. Jesse Kemp helps us see the value and benefit of trusting God over lesser solutions.

Applying the Bible

February 3, 2016

Jesse Kemp writes his newest post to help us understand the relationship between the Bible’s authors and the Bible’s application.

The Heart That Prays

November 5, 2015

So many Christians struggle with prayer as a discipline. Jesse Kemp help us understand the differences between excuses and problems when it comes out our ability to pray in his newest post. 

King Hunting

September 10, 2015

Often times we find history entangled with mythology. In these moments we see more than story, we see get a glimpse into the desire of humanity. Jesse Kemp explores one of those themes in his newest post: King Hunting.