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Parents naturally create a culture in which their children grow. Katie Leder helps us understand simple ways to infuse the gospel into the culture of your family life.

Not Ours to Keep

March 19, 2015

Our Children are not our own. How then are we to raise these gifts from God in a way which honors him, aids them, and brings joy to us?

My Gospel Bruise

February 5, 2015

Often times we give too much credit to circumstances when it comes to personal growth. The real question is, "How do those circumstances actually change us?"

It’s Not Fair

January 8, 2015

When my child utters the phrase, “It’s not fair,” we have begun to discuss something more. Patty Bourassa unpacks parenting, fairness and the gospel in her newest blog.

We don’t want to give away moralism, legalism, or license, so here are five ways in which we can better give away the gospel to our children.

Parenting is formative. But what are we forming our children with? As we navigate through the maze of discipline, it’s important to remember what our children truly need.

Setting a Parental Agenda

December 19, 2013

Paul Tripp gives 5 verbs to help parents of teenagers.

Pastor Tyler talks about the need for parents to raise children who want to worship Christ in the church.

Guest blogger Paul Tripp speaks of his need to have a right view of parenting in light of daily struggles.

Parenting is all about living by the principle of prepared spontaneity.