The Gospel in All Things

The center of all existence is the glory of God in all things.

To rightly understand the glory of God, we must understand the gospel of God in the person of Jesus Christ. This good news is the source of all of our life, and through his grace he has made it accessible to us.

  • God's Word God's Word
    Sovereign Hope believes that God's word is essential and beautiful. The word of God is powerful, transformative, and breathtaking. Without God's word we have no access to seeing or savoring the glory and majesty of God. But in his kindness he has given us a gift of infinite significance and…
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  • The Gospel The Gospel
    Sovereign Hope Church in Missoula, MT exists because the gospel exists. Every part of our ministry is aimed at proclaiming and encountering Jesus in his salvation because that salvation makes sense of all our lives. It solved our biggest problem and re-frames our desires, affections, goals and aspirations.
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Captive Thoughts

Every day we encounter conflict, experience doubt, delight in the pleasures of life, and crave intimacy.

But the astounding thing isn't just that we can better understand ourselves or these things, but that everything is meant to lead us to Christ. He has given us these trials and pleasures so that we might know God.

  • Captive Thoughts Captive Thoughts
    Our “Captive Thoughts” video series is designed to capture and frame everyday thoughts in the full light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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  • Captive Thoughts: Conflict Captive Thoughts: Conflict
    It’s impossible to avoid conflict. But as Christians, conflict can be an opportunity to stand in awe of the cross. Watch the 2-minute video.
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  • Captive Thoughts: Taste Captive Thoughts: Taste
    We all love food. It comes in all sorts, types, flavors and textures. But how can our love affair with food help us understand God’s goodness? This short video helps us understand.
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  • Captive Thoughts: Insecurity Captive Thoughts: Insecurity
    We can crush ourselves by cherishing our own opinion and the opinion of others as ultimate. But what does our insecurity say about our lives before God?
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  • Captive Thoughts: Intimacy Captive Thoughts: Intimacy
    The desire for intimacy can consume us, drive us, and motivate us. This is a good thing. But it is also a thing which will one day be surpassed by an even greater sort of relationship. This short video helps us understand.
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Lots of Christians say they are satisfied in Christ, but what does that truly mean?

How is Christ really satisfying, and how does that shape our lives? Responding to a quote from a Jonathan Edwards sermon, this series portrays ways in which Christians can be authentically satisfied through the gospel.

So That You May Believe

We want to present the sin-killing, belief-giving effect of the cross.

"So That You May Believe" highlights stories and themes which draw out the miraculous transformation that happens to our hearts in salvation. We hope that they will stir your mind and your thoughts, but ultimately we hope they stir your worship.

Now My Identity

This series uses the lives and testimonies of eleven people in order to show the transformation that happens through Christ.

Romans 6:11 tells us that while we were dead to sin, we are now found alive in Christ. Christ changes our identity and this video series is designed to celebrate that transformation of identity and gift of new life.

Stories of Grace

The gospel of Jesus Christ produces change.

As a church, we get to see, up close and personal, the change that the Holy Spirit brings upon individuals. These Stories of Grace are real stories from our congregation. They tell us how God’s story of redemption became deeply intertwined in their story of salvation.

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